Dreams 03.02.2012

Dream 1:

I do not remember a whole lot about this one. I was looking at one of those sleep analysis graphs on an app that my dear friend has on his iPhone. So apparently I had tracked my own sleep pattern for a couple days. The curve of the graph was like a steady descending staircase for the first 4 hours of sleep, dropping to a low curve dip then shot right back to a peak to wakeup. Then in the dream I remembered what I had dreamt about and it was all about a client who always gives us a headache at work: H—. Not much else that I can recall after that.

Dream 2:

This 2nd dream was a false awakening dream. I think (very fuzzy) I dreamt that I woke up in bed and had gone to the washroom in the middle of the night for a cigarette. But while smoking I realized that I was not wearing a robe because in the dream I knew I had rolled out of bed and put it on. Also, I couldn’t remember how I went from the bedroom to the washroom. That’s when I determined that I must be dreaming and opened my eyes (woke up from the dream) to find myself lying in bed.

I spent a bit of time after Dream 2 in these wakeful dreams where I controlled everything that was happening but the flow of action was very random, almost like my mind was just free associating. But I knew I was actually awake so they were more like semi lucid daydreams – if there is such a thing.

Dream 3:

This one started off with me and 3 “friends”, one of them possibly my husband, the other 2 were not identifiable, in a van or tall car driving on our way to a large outdoor concert at night. It felt more like going to what I imagine as the parking lot of a movie theatre.

The show had not started yet but the stage was lit and you can hear music coming from it. I think it was some old country/folk band’s concert. They were sound checking with a song which I can’t recall now but did recognize in the dream.

We parked the car quite a ways to the right and back from the main stage and I wondered how this was going to work. Like a drive-in would we just listen to the broadcast through the radio? Or do I lounge out on top of the car?

Finally the group of us decided to just walk towards the stage area to check it out, see the main grounds. When we got closer, there was a lot of hustle and bustle but somehow it had become an indoor place. I want to say that it was like a hall, and there was one main event everyone was preparing for with some other side events. So our group just wandered a bit. By the way now my sister is with the group. We overhear people preparing for the event and realize the main show is actually a big beauty pageant.

We walk by some display cases where they has the jewelry worn by past contestants on display and my sister just fell in love with this necklace that looked very much like the cross my godmother gave me as a baptism gift. Except this one was an inverted cross with crazy sparky diamonds and in place of the gem was a greyish pearl. She was basically drooling over it and I announced loudly “Don’t worry, it’s done!” Meaning that by her next birthday she would receive it as a gift from me.

Then we kept wandering and peered into an area where we could see little 6-7 year old girls waiting in line with their parents. The girls were all dressed in colorful tull dresses, some were blinged out, etc. They were waiting to go on a small stage one by one where a microphone was setup. A judge stood on the side.

From this, we figured it was the talent audition for a toddler beauty pageant so we figured we would keep watching through the door/window. As the first girl was escorted on stage, suddenly the walls of the audition room was being rolled out by stage hands. Turns out they were all fake walls. Whatever, our group continued to watch.

The first girl approaches the microphone, turns around to face the audience and turned out to be a hideous midget woman. Someone in our group gasped in surprise and all the everybody in line turned around to look at us. They were all hideous midgets. (Not that little people are hideous, they just were in my dream) Our group was so embarrassed we just left.

After that I somehow departed from the group. I was roaming outside the building. There was a water channel, very nice green and white cottages, hotels, etc. lined this water way. Ornamental bridges, well groomed trees, parks, etc. This “village” or resort was just relaxing. I had one of those moments where I walked by a couple buildings and realized I had to retrace my steps and try to capture the feeling/moment on camera. So I tried to do just that.

Except in doing so, I had someone become part of a chase by John Goodman and this kid who stole something from him. He was climbing trellises, jumping across the river, overall being very nimble. But here I was trying to catch up and film the action and I actually get caught trying to follow him over this trellis bridge. He stops and comes back to see if I can keep shooting. I remember still being stuck before I woke up.


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