Dreams 03.03.2012

I was feeling kind of sick yesterday so I slept A LOT. In the afternoon I wanted to nap but my brain was still thinking a lot. So I thought it would be good to attempt some wake iniated lucid dreaming but it really didn’t do much. Night time sleep got a full 5 hours or so uninterrupted, then our dog woke me up to go outside. Couldn’t remember any dreams there. Then another 3 hours sleep and got this one:

It was after work, my boss K and my dear friend decided to go find a bubble tea place to chill out. We walked around a little before finding a cab. The city looked or was supposed to be HK for some reason.

Anyway the cab dropped us off in front of a small Bubble tea shop located on the corner of a street. It’s a small place with seafoam green tiled walls. We take the back booth and we each order our drinks. Shortly after our order was taken, one of us remembered that we were supposed to meet a big group of people.

We instantly left and started walking, looking for wherever we were supposed to meet. As we were starting to get lost we see the group up ahead just exiting a sewer tunnel converted into a walkway. We caught up with them as they led us to the place of activity.

The activity as it turns out was a group yoga class for 20 in a room that fits about 12 people. So it was cramped. For some reason I was wearing yoga clothes, tank and short shorts underneath my work clothes. When I stripped down and started doing yoga poses, my dear friend couldn’t stand to look at me.

After the class everyone was hanging out rehydrating in a break room and I was sitting in the corner leaned back on a bench. My friend was right beside me and he kept avoiding looking at me in so little clothes.

Then I forget the rest.

Now it’s bedtime. Good luck to another night full of dreams.


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