Dreams 03.07.12

I can’t quite remember the beginning of the dream but I remember waiting in a big church. My husband was somewhere in the church too but I didn’t see him nor was I looking for him.

I just walked around but knew I wasn’t supposed to leave. Then mass was starting so I tried to “blend” in with the crowd except there were just small pockets of people sitting in the pews. So I walked up to the front to the right side of the altar, looking for a place to hide.

This was a really big church, lot of sunlight pouring in from the ceiling. Most if not all the patrons were Chinese. Behind the altar was a humongous statue of the Pieta. So I thought there should’ve been places to hide behind the altar. However there were a few confession rooms and no place to sit. I ended up sitting on a folding chair directly beside the statue facing the crowd. Basically the least hidden spot ever.

After that I went to a mall or something with my dear friend. He had a doctor’s appointment. We split up and I went into what could only be described as a haberdashery. They sold buttons, pieces of “software” to add to clothing, leather pieces, extra bra hooks, velcro stuff, etc. I was at a wall of them looking at bra hooks and loops, just browsing.

Then Patton Oswalt but he looked different, who is supposed to be a family friend came up to me. Apparently I was at the mall, supposed to catch a ride from him home. But I didn’t want to go with him. I’d rather wait for my friend to finish so he could drive me home. I tried to hint to Patton that I was cool, I had a ride, just waiting for my friend but he just kinda waited and said alright cool we’ll wait for your friend and see what happens. So that kind of became awkward.

Then I think I woke up…

Therefore last night’s intention sorta failed. No convo with myself. Try again tonight though.


Dream Intention 03.06.12

Tonight’s dream intention is to have a conversation with protector me. I want to ask myself: What am I protecting myself from?

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