Dreams 03.07.12

I remembered more of the dream when I first woke up, at least in the beginning anyways. Dear friend says I should write this right when I wake up but usually I am enjoying the comfort of snuggly bed too much.

Anyways, beginning of the dream I was a new person in town. I was going to a hotel where I was assigned a room by the people I was working for. I think I was supposed to share a room with another person. It’s an old hotel. Gold accents everywhere, deep red paisley carpets. The elevators had that vintage ding sound when they arrive.

When I got to my room I knocked and someone must’ve answered (don’t remember this) but I was inside looking at my bed, a single. Beside was another single bed where my roommate would be. So I found out that I am an actress arriving in a new town, supposed to start rehearsals on a play that will be the role of a lifetime for me.

Fast forward a bit, I am having drinks at a bar with my roommate (still no clue who it actually is), spanky, another guy and my best friend. The bar was crowded so 4 of us sat at the end of a table, shared. My bf was at a table next to us mixing it up. I was about to get up to go to washroom then leave bar for my big day of rehearsals. Didn’t really want to go because we were all laughing having a good time. I picked up my drink to chug it before the washroom and realized I wasn’t even drinking alcohol, just a coke. So I downed it and left.

Fast forward a little while more, it could be the next day or it had already been a few weeks or months of rehearsing. I had just finished a scene with my main partner in the scene. Our roles were husband and wife. We are sitting in the set, my partner got up to go do something while the director, who was Toby Macguire, started to give me notes, telling me what an awesome job I did.

Then the phone on set rang and Toby picked it up. It was a call about some family emergency for my partner. I didn’t know the exact situation but knew it was serious and said to Toby that as soon as my partner came back we need to tell him right away but he hesitated and said we shouldn’t tell him. I could feel that he wanted to use that information to make my partner perform better in the next scene we would rehearse. I felt like it was a wrong decision.

That’s it. Will contemplate any meaning from this a bit more later today.


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