Dreams 03.10.12 – W.I.L.D. part 1

I did not have any dreams the night of 03.09.12 but I did wake up this morning at about 7:30.

The plan was to head out to BPS to get something on sale for the husband and then swing by Ikea.  By 8:30 after he had gone to work, I thought to myself let’s try to do some Wake Initiated Lucid Dreaming techniques until 9:30, for practice and to see what comes of it.  I knew this would probably be pretty difficult, especially since I sleep with our bulldog who snores very loudly.

Anyway, I lay there and tried to ignore the dog’s breathing, kept as still as possible.  Told my inner voice to stop talking everytime it tried to start, disregard the feeling of the blanket, any itches I may have, just be still and keep my mind’s eye open and stare at the back of my eyelids without trying to use my actual eyes.  Some time had passed and my body was starting to feel numb.  I felt like I could still feel my body but there was no “danger” of me wanting to move it to disrupt the process but I still felt like if I tried just hard enough I would wake up instantly.  Then I started to see shapes and colors swirl behind my eyes.  Started off like s radar flashing then to some random things.  Then I thought it started to fade and slow down because I was trying to “see” too hard. So I tried to “step back” and not try so hard and at that the shapes and colors would move a little more again.  I never heard any weird sounds, although I think the sound of the dog was not as pronounced.  There was a time when I felt like my head and face was vibrating a bit.  Not at all as intense as some online accounts say they are.

Shortly after that, I had a false awakening experience.  I’m not sure exactly how I got from lying in bed to being up and OUT of bed.  I think I “woke up” in the dream thinking I was failing at this process and that I should just give up and try for another day. I turned towards my bedside table to try and find the clock or my phone but there was this cage-like decoration thing in the way (this is not something I own in real life) but in the dream it made perfect sense.  So I tried to reach around it to grab my phone, except I just knocked this cage-screen-decoration thing over, along with my phone and charger.  I remember thinking in the dream “fuck me I am clumsy” while staring at the bedside table.  Then my attention turned towards the lump of blankets on the bed.  I decided to do a reality check which in hindsight wasn’t really one.  My brain must’ve just confused the info I read about OBEs.  My reality check basically consisted of me poking the blanket where my body SHOULD be if I was still sleeping in it.  In the dream, I thought if I could feel my body through the blankets then that meant it wasn’t real and that I was dreaming.  But if I do not find my own body then yes I had awoken in the real world.

Of course this is specious reasoning.  If I was dreaming or OB, I shouldn’t be able to “feel” my physical body with my dream or astral body at all.  Anyways, I remember being pretty scared as I stepped forward to feel the blanket.  Then I psyched myself out thinking I felt a solid lump and I completely freaked out because that meant I was OB and I wasn’t really prepared for that.  So I let out a screech but it turned out the lump was the dog and she crawled to the edge of the bed and lifted the blanket with her head.  I was super relieved to see her and that’s when I thought okay, so I really did wake up – not dreaming.  Then my phone rang in the real world and I opened my eyes to find myself lying in the blankets, staring at the ceiling.  I rolled to pick up the call and my husband had dialled me by mistake.  It was 9:37AM.


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