Dreams 03.11.12

Dream 1:
I was looking for a good gym to throw a highschool dance party. I must’ve gone to several schools, this part I am not clear about. Finally I went to see the people hiring me to look for this. It’s a TV/Film production who is filming at another small gym location. They show me their budget / balance sheet and not only do they have no money, they were pretty much in the red and the were asking me to sign off on some recent expenses.

Looking at it, I see rentals for furniture and one line item said “defurnituring” for $700 dollars. I ask the 1st AD, “What the hell is that?” He said at one location they were moving an old wooden table with built-in bench seats. One of those carved out of one piece things. There was a loose piece on the table top and some PA decided to lift the table with that. Whole piece came off and his antique waa ruined. I was shocked then commented, “Kind of feels like the location just puts that piece of crap out for you to ruin everytime someone rents the place. Feels like a trap to me, that’s how they scam you.”

On to another scene. I am sitting at the office in my cubicle. My boss-boss sticks a farewell card package in front of me and tells me to write something. I wasn’t even sure who it was for, he explains to me and I had to stand up look around to put a face to the name. It’s some curly haired trinidadian dude that sits in our team’s area but far away from me. I didn’t even realize he was part of our team. I shrugged my shoulders and started to write “Hello …” I actually wrote the name but can’t remember it now but boss-boss took the card from me right away and said, “No! Don’t write there! The back!” I turned the card around and not sure if I ended up writing.

Then I was joyriding on a low motorcycle looking scooter through an older neighbourhood. There’s lots of green, big trees in the neighbourhood. I was riding like a pussy though going really slow but it was breezy day and you could feel and hear the breeze. All I could hear riding down the street even as the scooter was putt-puttingn, the breeze rustling through the leaves in the canopy of branches above. The joyride was great, so relaxing.

I went to my mom’s house to get something. I remember her not wanting me to leave so soon but I did anyway.

Dream 2:
This second dream happened after I attempted to do WILD again but definitely failed. There were no hypnagogic images at all, I just drifted into sleep.

I was waiting in a lunch room which looked like the common eating area on the Nebechenezzer in the Matrix. My boss-boss was beside me, I had a laptop open. Other coworkers were waiting in other areas of the room, chatting it up. Apparently we were waiting for something to be over like a fire drill or something.

I was typing away on the laptop between writing out my thought and msn-ing my bestie. I suddenly realized how anti-social I was being, so I shut the laptop and started chatting with my boss.


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