Dreams 03.12.12

Frustrated this morning because I can’t recall anything from my dreams. The only vague memory is that it had something to do with the alarm clock, either me waking up and finding it wasn’t set correctly or that I kept trying to set it and it just wouldn’t work. I don’t know…can’t even figure out if that’s really what happened or if I made it all up.

I MUST take the time right when I wake up to remember bits and pieces, otherwise it’s all lost. I’m probably distracted as well and jumped out of bed soon as I could because a big shit storm is on its way and I’m not sure how I will react.

A bunch of friends were over yesterday and we made dinner late. He had gone to nap or lie down since he came home from work so for hours he was in the bedroom, not sure if he was awake or not. When everything was in oven at 9pm, we went for a smoke break and there was a grease smoke that happened. He woke up mad to let the dog out probably because she kept whining. Then he probably saw the smoke and yelled “the kitchen is on fire!” which it wasn’t but no doubt he was pissed that none of us were “responsible” and “almost burned his house down”, mostly me. This is an assumption of course, he never said it.

Then when dinner was ready, yes at 10pm. I asked if he wanted some food and he asked what time it was and I told him. He said “I’m getting dinner at 10pm? Yah I’m just going to bed.” So I said, “Alright.” Then picked up some clothing he had pulled out from closet and accidentally left on floor, tried to stuff back on shelf. He got up to go to the closet too and said, “Come on! I’m going to bed!” So I said “Fine.” Got out of the way and went back downstairs to eat and chill with friends.

So something will blow up for sure now and if it doesn’t blow up, it will stew and blow later. What will I do when it does?


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