Dreams 03.13.12

Last night’s dreams were all rolled into one. The talks before bedtime were pretty intense. I didn’t even think I could sleep that I even attempted some WILD techniques but I eventually just drifted to sleep from exhaustion.

The first part that I remember. Me and him, we were on vacation somewhere warm. We must’ve been inside the resort. There was a naturally landscaped lagoon area but there were warm water jets underneath too. The water was a beautiful emerald blue. He was at the top of a little man made rock formation that was sculpted to be a water slide with a long slight decline base. He would have to slide down turn the sharp corner, go along the base then splash into the water. There was a coach there telling him what to do.

I was in the water with a camera, supposed to take a picture of him entering the water. I kept setting up to take a head on shot as he rounded the corner to approach the decline. The coach was yelling at me to move to a different angle to get a better shot of the actual splash when it happens. So I moved and waded around in the water while waiting. The water was super warm and comforting but everytime I came near the water jets, they were scalding hot so I moved away from them. Finally the coach yelled, “Here he comes!” and I could hear him hollering as he came down the slide. I saw him come down the decline and snapped just before he entered. But the instant picture review showed that I had missed the splash. He asked if I got it and I had to say no.

Onto another scene, we’re in bed at home. This was after the talk we just had in bed. Somehow this “news” had already gotten to my mom. She stormed into the room, took the blankets off us and just started screaming and yelling at me. I ran into the bathroom and locked myself in. She kept yelling outside wiggling the door knob demanding I open the door. Then I hear my sister approach then of course she heard the news too. She seemed to be more sympathetic but she started yelling too, half at me, half at my mom. My brother-in-law just kinda wandered and stayed quiet. I got out of the bathroom as they kept following me around, yelling.

I can’t really remember if they were yelling because they were upset of the “decision” that we came to. But everyone was upset and I felt like shit none the less but not knowing where to turn. Then my mom went out.

I was back in the bathroom and my highschool sweetheart and his brother were there chilling with me as I calmed down. For some reason I was packing homemade kettle chips from a plate into tupperware. The brother kept walking by and grabbing chips off the plate, crunching them loudly.

Then my sister was there too, not yelling anymore. We could hear my mom talking to someone outside through the bathroom window. She was talking about splitting up assets, moving money around, etc. I was curious to hear it at first but then walked away from the window. My sister walked closer for a better listen and the brother or my highschool sweetheart turned on the radio so we couldn’t hear it, but we could still.


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