Dreams 03.15.12

Something serious has come to light within the household. For now, our stuff is on hold.

Last night we both stayed up quite a bit to talk to roommate but I also had extra early meeting to go to. I was functional most of the day but when I came home, I didn’t need to cook for anybody else. I plopped onto bed while texting my bestie. Bad choice – because after we were done, I passed right out instead of exercising, for 3 hours. This is the dream I remember from the nap.

The 4 from the house were going to dinner with other people at some chinese restaurant, we had a table of 10 booked. I was skipping a dinner invitation from my mom so I was feeling a bit bad. Except we chose the same restaurant where they were and the attendant thought we were part of the same party and tried to seat us at their table. It was awkward. We said hi to my mom but I could tell that she forgave me anyway. Then the 4 of us just decided to leave and go home.

At the house, me and dear friend were sitting beside each other as I watched him play some video game. We were high and/or drunk. There was a lot of sexual tension throughout almost to breaking point. We kept looking at each other and not doing anything but obviously holding back and it was so difficult not to act. Roommate was elsewhere in the house with other people because I could hear loud noises. Hubby was out doing something.

We turned off the game and stood up and the tension was about to break. We were almost about to hold each other, about to kiss. Hubby comes home, sees us standing real close awkwardly. He looked somewhat suspicious but said nothing and went upstairs to change.

A few of us then went out the front door of the house for a cigarette (split level townhouse type, sunken entrance with L shape stairs to street level). As soon the door opens, we could hear screaming, people running. Me and the Double A’s (she was preggers again) walked up halfway up the steps. We were situated right in the middle of a chinese mall. There was a shootout happening. Some dude was behind a car to the right of us, shooting from behind open car door at someone else towards the shops on the left.

Wife A was hiding and ducking near top of the stairs with Husband A but she was ducking up and down yelling at the gunmen to stop. Husband A had to tell her to stop being crazy and escorted her back downstairs into the house. For some reason, I was trying to run towards the shop. I think someone or something was there that I had to save and get out. There was another person now at the top of the stairs, not sure who. I was trying to make a break for it towards the stores and the shots were getting close to me. The man at the stairs grabbed me to shelter me with his body/legs/thighs. I just remember seeing one final image of the gunman and car, framed through the man’s legs bent in L-shape from the way he had one leg up on the steps.

Then I woke up because I heard noises of husband coming home.


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