Dreams 03.25.12

Dream 1:
This dream happened maybe around 4am either before or after. I know I slept quite a bit before waking up shortly in the nite.

I don’t recall all of it but a friend’s sister passed away. One of the sweetest, nicest and most genuine people I know. Even though I didn’t know her well, they were giving me the honor of being part of the funeral rites. It involved saying a few words and being part of the ceremony.

BigE and my Ex who are both flip, were trying to explain how I had to walk directly up to the open coffin, pick up this ceremonial stick, twisted and tied together crudely out of a few twigs, hold it between chin and neck, then lightly tap the deceased’s forehead, stomach and feet. They explained that this ritual was very serious and a big part of sending the deceased peacefully into the afterlife.

I remember being very nervous in the dream because I wasn’t sure if I would smack her in the face by accident or do something else wholly inappropriate.

Dream 2:
Interestingly, this second dream happened before my morning alarm woke me. So I had about 15 minutes or so where I drifted back while trying to remember my first dream. I think the bits I did remember allowed me to incorporate some of it into the second dream.

I was waiting in line outside a school auditorium, a pretty old school because all the colors were orange and brown, like in the 70’s. Waiting beside me were a couple of other guys each holding some kind of drum. One was a snare drum, like the ones used in a marching band, the other was bigger. I don’t know much about drums. These two were part of my “team”. They were Jonah Hill types, somewhere between big Jonah and now Jonah. (Roomie told me just before I went to bed that he saw 21 Jump Street last night.) Also in line were other people holding instruments.

Finally we were admitted into the gym where the organizers told us to sit on the floor to wait. Turns out we were auditioning to perform at my friend’s sister’s funeral. So we sat there quietly practicing.

The details of both dreams are not that accurate. I really should write it down as soon as I wake or record bits on a voice recorder but I sleep with someone. I do not want him to know exactly what I am dreaming about unless I volunteer the information. Nor do I want him to know that I am actively trying so hard to dream.

When I told him I was trying to lucid dream a few weeks ago in a moment when I was trying to share (perhaps testing myself and him a bit), the conversation just turned around on him and how he has lucid dreams sometimes. No questions about why I am doing it at all…I’ve even talked about my efforts since then, briefly, in passing. Nothing…


Dreams 03.24.12

Dream 1:

It was NYE and “we” (not sure who) were party hopping between house parties and bars. I went to pick up exM at his parents house because he went to see them. I go to the washroom and then hear his parents arguing. His dad walks out and I can hear his mom crying. I hear his brother and him talking to his mom in the kitchen. She was sobbing a bit but was ok.

We left and then I just remember it was the end of the night. Our “group” was roaming about the city either trying to find our cars or grabbing a cab to carpool uptown. I remember from out of nowhere BigD (from df’s work) showed up out of nowhere at the end of his night with friends looking to catch a ride as well and maybe hoped for more.

Dream 2:
I was rummaging through a few storage containers of stuff roomie scammed from work, home, his dad. They consisted of various perfume and cologne packs, unmarked VHS tapes, shitty electronics, toys, etc. I hear people talking in another room, they are waiting for me. When I move the boxes back to their original positions, I see a bunch of Lego pieces on the floor, broken buildings and people (some where in half). It was like some kids had been playing there and a “bomb” went off to destroy the building and people.

Dreams 03.23.12

Dream 1:

A bunch of my friends from highschool were going to somewhere as a group, maybe a party. M (my ex), big E, J (my once arch nemesis) and my bestie were there for sure. The rest I’m not sure of.

We came upon a maze with 5 super narrow paths. Each of us went through one path.
When it didn’t seem to lead anywhere I jumped and climbed up to sit on a wall to look over the maze. My suspicions were confirmed, the maze had no exit. Somehow we made our way out and kept heading towards our destination.

One weird thing, it’s like everywhere we went was a set in a studio.

We came to an area with 2 circular stairways going up to landing with doors that led to other rooms. Some guy was up there hurling glass vases, globes at us. It was shattering everywhere and the ground was already covered with broken glass.

Then each of us ran past the arean dodging the glass objects bombing down around us. We all made it past but I don’t know if we made it to our destination.

Dream 2:
There may have been more to this dream but I just remember this scene. I am volunteering at an old folk’s home and I was cooking something in a pot on a hot pot stove and soup pot. I was fishing out bok choy out of of the boiling pot of water with long wooden chopsticks into a big bowl with noodles.

Dream 3:
This one happened in the morning when I had woken up about 8 in the morning then drifted back to sleep. I was making out on a balcony with df. It was bright, the sky was just white. It was very windy and my hair was down, whipping around our faces as we kissed. I was wearing a light linen dress that went down to my knees. Then he lifted me up onto the ledge and lowered me onto him. I remember being scared of falling off the balcony but he held on tightly as we continued with the makeout fuck.

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