Dreams 03.24.12

Dream 1:

It was NYE and “we” (not sure who) were party hopping between house parties and bars. I went to pick up exM at his parents house because he went to see them. I go to the washroom and then hear his parents arguing. His dad walks out and I can hear his mom crying. I hear his brother and him talking to his mom in the kitchen. She was sobbing a bit but was ok.

We left and then I just remember it was the end of the night. Our “group” was roaming about the city either trying to find our cars or grabbing a cab to carpool uptown. I remember from out of nowhere BigD (from df’s work) showed up out of nowhere at the end of his night with friends looking to catch a ride as well and maybe hoped for more.

Dream 2:
I was rummaging through a few storage containers of stuff roomie scammed from work, home, his dad. They consisted of various perfume and cologne packs, unmarked VHS tapes, shitty electronics, toys, etc. I hear people talking in another room, they are waiting for me. When I move the boxes back to their original positions, I see a bunch of Lego pieces on the floor, broken buildings and people (some where in half). It was like some kids had been playing there and a “bomb” went off to destroy the building and people.


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