Dreams 03.26.12

I know for a fact that there were at least 3 other scenes in last night’s dream and now I only vaguely remember the last part. I usually try not to move when I first wake up and make recall the first priority. The problem is that I snooze and then 70% is gone.

For the next night I’m going recall and come up with 1 word per dream scene then repeat the words over and over until I snooze. Hopefully that helps. Anyway, here it is:

We (possibly me and husband, honestly not sure but it was a man) were walking along glass enclosed bridges that are part of a complex of tradeshow or convention buildings. We had just walked out of one exhibition hall from a show and we were finding our way to an exit. Then a door to a yet unopened exhibition caught my eye. They were still setting up.

I suggested to my companion to sneak in for a peek. Inside, the exhibit was a large, long, high ceiling room behind enclosed glass. The visitors are supposed to walk around the room along the never ending circular hallway.

Inside the room was some sort of super hero gallery and a collection of awesome robots. They were all real. The real super heros were overseeing the setup of their animatronic replicas. Some of the heroes were older versions of themselves, setting up a forever young replica. I also saw some robots and their inventors, grey haired professor types. They were controlling them with remote controls, hovering, lowering them into position with the jetpacks or torpedo cannon on the robots’ bodies.

When I walked into the circular hallway and saw what was on the other side, I instantly flung myself against the glass to get a closer look. It was fascinating. My companion was interested but not nearly at my level, he stayed a couple feet back from me. Then we just slowly made our way around while I wiped myself along the glass.


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