Dreams 03.31.12 (Nap)

My recall of dreams now is like only remembering the last sentence of a paragraph. What can I do to go back to increase my memory so that I have dream time that extends for hours or days like it used to?

Had a nap this afternoon but interrupted once so I barely remember 2 dreams. Correction, I barely remember the end of 2 dreams.

Dream 1:
Df and I were facing each other, starting to undress ourselves. I said, wait. Then we both turned around, closed our eyes while we finished undressing. We were to turn around again, open our eyes in sync so we could revel in each other’s nakedness. I think just as we were about to face each other I woke up because I remember opening my eyes to the real world, seeing my dog and husband napping beside me, then I tried to close my eyes to continue the dream.

Dream 2:
I was lying on my back, on a mat in a big open area, most likely under clear blue skies. There were other people as all around me on mats as well. It was some kind of mass fitness bootcamp.

From my position on the floor, it seemed not everyone were doing the same exercises. Some guy beside me was doing pushups, I was doing crunches and another girl further away was in some position I cannot remember now. The instructors were walking around, barking at us with the usual tough love style of encouragement, occasionally stopping to correct someone’s form.

I remember feeling like my crunches were easy and that either I was cheating or should challenge myself to an exercise that was more difficult. But I was also lazy so I was waiting for the instructor to come close before I would switch to another exercise. He was approaching and I kept doing my crunches. Then I woke up to a phone call.


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