Rapping Biebs

Dream 04.06.12

I was sitting at my old cubicle in the area near the Events team. I hear loud music/rapping coming from their area but couldn’t tell where. It wasn’t particularly good nor was it bad but it was so loud and the audio quality amazing. I walked over to my boss’ desk by the window except it wasn’t him that sat there. It was one of the loudest female sales reps with a braying voice.

I asked her, “What is that? Where is it coming from?” She gestured to where the Events Accountant was sitting. I stood up on my tippy toes to look over the cubicle wall and see her staring at her screen intently. Then comes a montage of realization of what she is listening to.

The montage went something like this:
– I hear singing/rapping by a 20 year old Bieber
– layered by the sound of radio announcers discussing the impact it is having on his career, the negative feedback not because the lyrics were controversial
– me, walking out the washroom at Finch subway, grabbing a free newspaper along the way, skimming an article, seeing it in ultra-large print word for word (though fuzzy) that details the types of drugs he is into, that he was high as shit when he recorded the track and released it online

Skip to a scene where I am on my way out the apartment, walking by the main hallway washroom. I hear voices in there and poke my head in. The cleaning lady was showing the other woman in there with her the new toilet caddies she bought.

They just looked like a stack of plastic bin lids, molded in such a way that they stacked over the tank cover, but did not cover the flush handle and they provided a flat area with a lip so you could put stuff on top of the tank and stuff wouldn’t get knocked over easily. The stack of 4 she placed on the toilet were blue. I remember thinking, why is this invention so great or necessary?


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