Rushing for Payment

Dream 04.07.12

We were coming from a family dinner. It felt like the middle of the night. My sister who is now pregnant and showing (maybe 6 months) was driving me. We were speeding down the DVP, which was much more windy in the dream.

We reached a point on the highway where we were taken by surprise as 5 lanes were suddenly blocked off and funneled down to one, the middle lane. We only slowed a little. Thank goodness there were no other cars so we were simply startled because IF we didn’t happen to be driving in the middle, we would’ve crashed and surely died.

We continued on to the univerity campus where I was supposed to run to one of the middle “sunken” buildings, up to the second floor, make a right down the hallway and find a room about 15 doors down from the stairs. There I was supposed to pay a sum of money, assuming it is for tuition. This (what I was supposed to do) was all just “played” in my head as my sister pulled over to let me out after we arrived on campus.

Note: I had some difficulty recalling anything from my dreams for about 30 minutes. Husband was up and about getting ready for work and I was half paying attention to him. I don’t think I recalled or attempted to recall my dreams yesterday. The dates on my journal entries are a day off from the past few days. I’ll fix this when I wake up. While trying to jog my memory, I read an article about increasing recall. Then I just lay there next to my husband while he napped for 5 more minutes and then Bam! Suddenly I remembered! I must remember never to NOT attempt recall. This muscle must keep working lest all these efforts be lost. I will now attempt WILD for the next hour. Sweet dreams to me!


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