Big News but No Chocolate

Dreams 04.09.12

Memories from the last dream of the night are really chopped up. I only have bits and pieces and I’m pretty sure there’s a big chunk missing at the end. I “know” more of what happened than remember them happening, if that makes any sense.

I was hanging out at home and found out there was a live Jay and Silent Bob Get Old announced for Toronto. I’m a fan of them IRL but never to the point where I’d be excited because it’s coming to Toronto.

I remember that I went to the kitchen and grabbed to mug-bowls to make 2 gigantic hot chocolates for me and roommate. I put the powder in and went back upstairs while waiting for water/milk to boil.

Then I was read a Kevin Smith or Secret Stash branded tabloid style comic newspaper. I just remember being in roommate’s room with it, laughing my ass off. Husband had walked in too and I showed them both what I had just read. Seemed like neither of them even got the joke. Husband I think just walked away. Roommate looked at me with a smile and said, “Well as long as you’re enjoying yourself.”

Then I wondered where my hot chocolate was and went back downstairs to look for the mugs. I forgot where I put them and had to look around a little. Finally when I got them, mixed with milk/water and had hot coco in the mugs, ready to bring upstairs, it felt like well past midnight and everyone would be asleep already. The scene changed soon after that but thinking back I really wish I had taken a sip at least.

I was at a mini press conference being held on the top floor of some building where there is also a cafe. I had just walked out of the press conference wondering why I was there. I remember being happy to be there in that environment, looking out at the view to the city below, not because of the press conference. Strangely the floor was empty except me.

Then I was suddenly at home and see my Blackberry message light blinking red. It’s a message from Bilbo to tell me that there will be a live event, the one I already knew about. I was about to message back to gloat.

I’m not sure if I did in the end because I can’t remember anything else after that.


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