A Lesson in Unexpected Fame

Recall is quite horrible this morning I kept self snoozing and missed the bus I intended to catch again. What little I remember of my dream was mostly flushed out with adrenaline. I will try…

Dreams 04.10.12

There was a lot of introspection within the dream, with my dream self, I wasn’t lucid. I think I was introspecting about how to do something but was silent and my husband was just beside me.

Mind you, before the I went to bed I was reading up on oxytocin and vasopressins, on how and when they are released to aid in human pair bonding. I also think I had a hard time falling asleep and had woken up several times in the night.

In a later part of the dream, I was in an elementary school but I was an adult, as a student. The main classroom had desks setup in 3 long rows facing the front blackboard. There were another 4-5 students, mine included, whose permanent desks were setup in an L-shape in an open area just outside the classroom. I started here at my desk. The teacher (unknown and unseen) calls us in as the lesson was about to begin. I went into the classroom and sat my self in the second row.

I was saying hello and being friendly to my fellow classmates, who all seemed to be teenaged or adult when my phone rang. I picked up and it was my mom. She was very excited and kept saying, “Did you hear the news from anyone? Did you hear?” At first I wasn’t sure what she was talking about but I saw to the right, in the first row, the cameraman O.L. from the TV station I worked at. Then I realized she was saying the drama they worked on where I had a small role, somehow received news coverage in the mainstream stations and they showed the clip that I was in. Apparently everyone was talking about it.

She continued to try to congratulate me and I kept trying to stop and interrupt her. Then I noticed the teacher (who I still didn’t see, just felt) was impatient with me receiving a call when class was about to start, so I just said, “Mom mom! I’m in class! Bye!” I could feel her a little hurt on the other end but she stopped and hung up. I looked around at my classmates, a little embarrassed, lingered on O.L. to see if he had anything to say. He did not. Then we all turned towards our own space, notebooks, etc. and the lesson began.


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