Movies and Androids

There may have been a first part to the dream but most likely I forgot about it. I wasn’t even sure I would dream, went to bed at 1am and definitely did not sleep until after 3:45am, only had just under 3 hours sleep…

Dreams 04.30.12
I was walking out into the back lobby of a big multiplex theatre, just watched a movie. My movie going companion just went to the washroom and I was waiting around. Looking about me, I see other people milling about and I see an older lady (a mother) with her pre-teen son. The lady looked very tired and I just realized that it was like 2 or 3am. I had just treated my mom (I suppose she was my movie companion) to a movie for her birthday and I said to myself to set her birthdate in the calendar for the future so I could do something special again for her in the future.

I wake up in the dream. It is morning about 3 or 4 years in the future. The alarm had told me it’s my mom’s birthday and I need to wake up early. I go to the hall to the washroom, it’s my old house in R Hill. The washroom was a bit of a mess. My point of view was whatever I saw in the mirror. Someone just walked through the main bathroom’s door. This person who I can’t put a name to but supposedly lived in the house just stopped but turned and walked out. I thought to myself, guess it’s time to go into “sexy cleaning robot” mode.

Then another me, a newer model of robot me walked in the door. She was startled to see the old robot me. We sized each other up briefly. I had a quick flash of memory of the anime Saber Marionette and the main android character Lime. Future robot me seemed a bit twitchy as she started her cleaning protocol so I decided I should improve mine and do better than her.


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