Categorizing is Mundane Work

I woke up this morning thinking/dreaming what I wrote below, not even recognizing it as a dream, just thoughts. Then I remembered that I should recall right away but by then a lot had slipped my memory. I lay in bed for 10 minutes without luck and shifted positions to try another 5 minutes. Still nothing. Then I realized that I was either daydreaming or did a gradual dream-sleep to dream-wake state because there is absolutely no reason why I would think the following in a waking conscious state since all of the “facts” were incorrect.

Dream 05.01.12
I was talking to a sales rep who works at a Medical trade magazine IRL, but in my dream, he was with some Construction company listings company. His manner over the phone was not particularly memorable. I only know that I was talking to him. IRL, I’ve never even met him and his name kind of resurface once or twice a year and I always say to myself, I thought he was laid off.

He was telling me to check off the different types of categories that matched with the company he had just sold the listing service to. I guess in the context of all this, I also worked at this listing company.


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