Dumping in the Company of Kittens

Had more of it when I first woke up but most of it is gone now. I apologize for the graphic descriptions and gross subject matter of this dream but this is the only part I can recall this morning. I had more of it when I first woke up but I snoozed and had to roll out of bed and be out the door in 20 minutes. The rush dissolved a lot of the memories.

Dreams 05.03.12
The first part of the dream, I’ve lost it now. The next part, I remember walking out back to “take a shit” (pardon the crudeness but it happened in the dream). The back was outside, with sparse trees and shrubbery. The toilet bowl was shorter than normal and it was dirty. Not visibly like there were no fresh smears on it, just worn and extremely off white. It sat right on the ground. The ground was covered in a weathered, mossy and cracked stone slabs. It used to only be one big piece but it is so cracked that it looked more like many smaller pieces. Oh and there were like feral cats/kittens all around this back area playing, maybe about 15 or so.

I was pretty disgusted but I had to fo and wherever I was, this was the only toilet. It also seemed like it was “private” enough so I lowered my pants and hovered over the bowl went at it. As I squatted there the kittens started to rub up against my leg and my positioning was becoming quite uncormfortable. Also I looked up and could see that the shrubbery surrounding me really wasn’t dense at all. In fact, I could see right through it and one part had a good 10 inch gap where I saw right through to a busy street in the distance. I thought to myself in a matter of fact way, this really isn’t much privacy.

Luckily no one on the street looked my way. I quickly stood up and looked down. The toilet bowl had moved somehow from it’s original position. The hole in the ground that it should’ve sat on, indicated by this rusty brass circular metal thing, was 8 feet away from the toilet. And I could see feces in the hole, on the ground. Basically because the bowl had shifted, I missed.

It was not a pretty sight. I think I felt

I can’t remember what happened after that.


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