The Future has Fancy Fridges

Dream 05.05.12
I was going to work at a new building this day. My memory of the dream begins as I have just entered the building. it was all white and polished to be shiny. The lobby went from the ground to top floor with each floor having balcony areas that jut out unevenly, in a stacked formation. The basement floor is a reference library for the whole building and it also housed the building’s servers. You can see into the basement like a channel that runs in thr middle of the ground floor, looking down into a pit.

I was a bit lost and didn’t know what floor I was going to. I looked left and right for something that looked like a front desk but it really looked more like a bank teller window. The lady there with glasses looked unfriendly and did not want to be disturbed but it was for something else anyway. Finally I found the reception after roaming the really futuristic looking lobby. It was a very low, kindergarten level low desk by the basement pit. The receptionist looked up at me as she squat in this step stool of a chair knitting.

She pulled out a list to look up which floor the department I wanted was on. At first I got the wrong department name. When we finally got it right I said which way do I go. We look up and the floor numbers were in big letters on the ceiling where the edges of the balconies jut out. The floors numbers went top down.

I go up to find the office and sit at a desk. Then I start doing work on ads.

I am at a house party in a narrow house with a narrow kitchen and hallways. My friend that I was with and I walk through the kitchen and see a big upright freezer. I open the door which makes a hydraulic sssss sound. We walk a little more and see a really ancy fridge. Both sides seemed big on the inside with lots of useable space. I was in awe.

I exit the kitchen and then suddenly I was sitting in the bed that was right there, facing the rest of the party. A coworker sits at edge in front of me I am gesturing and looking up what he us asking me on a holographic screen ala the movie Minority Report, but only I can see the screen. When my coworker got up to get back to the party I turn to the person next to me to explain that I was working on a holographic screen. te person next to me was my boyfriend or husband but not anyone I know in real life that I can put a name to.


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