A Town Meets

Poor recall again today. I bet if I looked back at all my Mondays, they are poor recall days. It’s probably because my head is so wrapped up around going back to work and I always have that panicky feeling, even when I am not late. Whatever that panicky rush is, it suppresses my memory.

Dream 05.07.12
All I can remember is that I was on my way to a town hall meeting. I may be a part of a memnonite community. How I deduced this was from the clothing everyone and myself was wearing as we walked towards where the meeting took place. We all looked like the way people dressed in The Hunger Games movie. Not sure why that said memnonite to me but it did.

I believe I had spoken up at the meeting and when it iwas over, a group were snickering behind my back about me being so foolish to have such opinions.

I’m sure there was more to the dream but absolutely nothing is coming back.


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