Tanning and a Missed Show

Dream 05.11.12
I was at a tanning salon with J. Husband was waiting with us. The salon lady put cream on our faces and bodies and just told us to wait. We wait forever. The salon was on a second floor, with ceiling to floor glass windows which looked out over the strip mall it was in. We basically watched the whole day go by from daytime to night. There was a convenience store, a dirty chinese restaurant and also a local bar at the corner.

When it was night, husband didn’t seem to be waiting around anymore. I’m not sure where J went either. I decided to just leave. I went down to the strip mall into a model/craft store. The guy behind the counter was some middle-aged chinese dude. There were a lot of 8-10 year old boys browsing in the store. I think I asked the guy something and he couldn’t answer me because all the boys were

Then I was walking around on a university campus, wandering looking for a place to site on my own. I passed a mirror along the way and saw my reflection. My face wasn’t tanned or glowing. It looked more like I had a sunburn but I didn’t even feel it. I think I was upset at the tanning salon a bit and felt ripped off.

Finally I found a small square table and sat down on my own. Two guys approached and one sat down. Apparently he saw me at the tanning salon earlier but with my husband.
He tried to ask me out for coffee, something about being afraid because my husband was around earlier. I smiled and turned away, laughing to myself at how ridiculous this dance was. Then I said to him and refused his invite. His buddy laughs.

Then I was walking through a bar looking around for familiar faces. I saw a bunch of friends that I barely hang with anymore. One of them saw me and made an ambiguously gesture to invited me over to say hi or sit down. I was apprehensive at first but decided to join them anyway. Someone beside me orders a big plate of fried fish with rice. When the waitress brought this massive plate, I was offered some but instead a ordered a pint.

Later I am walking through the back of a theatre. The walls were all a dirty dusty rose. There was a musical show happening on stage and I was just wandering around but with a non-urgent feeling that someone was after me and I did not want to be caught.


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