Surprise Tattoos and a Novel Plane Ride

Dream 05.12.12
It’s been several hours since I woke up and there was quite a bit of interruption this morning so I am doing my best to remember.

There were 3 parts, and it could be out of order:

I was sitting in a chair or on the john and I notice something on my right wrist. It’s a tattoo! And then I go to a mirror to look at my side, there’s more tattoos, tribal style. As I keep turning to see more of my back, the entire back is tattooed except the rest are just scribbles and doodles. Then I remembered in the dream that my husband and I had got drunk and I let him doodle / tattoo all over my back. I was horrified but the situation was also kind of humorous to me.

Then I was at my mom’s house and my old piano teacher was visiting. I found the tattoo situation so ironic somehow that I just had to show her.

I was on a plane in the window seat of a 3 seat row, on the right side of the plane. The window was half up, the sun was shining through. My eating tray was down and the stewardesses were handing out food. One of them hands me a short skewer with a big marshmallow on it and I was puzzled. She presses some button on the seat and a secret compartment opens up on the tray, open flames comes through. I got the idea and roasted my marshmallow but the fire was so hot, I melted and burned most of it. In the end I had about 10% of the mass of the original marshmallow on my stick.

Then I was in another part of the place. It was a loungey area with much more open space. I was sitting legs to my right side on the lounge chair, leaning on the arm rest on the left. Someone was sitting on the floor to my left. Another person was sitting in the seat to my right. I think we were all just engaged in pleasant conversation, perhaps eating snacks. This part is mostly lost to me from the dream. I just remember the experience to be relaxing and new.


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