Fireworks with Ramen

Dream 05.14.12

It is nighttime in winter and I am walking down a street with a group of people. I think they are coworkers. There are 2 guys, a very young girl and another old girl who was still younger than me. There were people behind us throwing single shots of fireworks in air. They were kind of taunting us in a way, not directly but still. We turned around, moved forward faster, but ultimately we threw snowballs back at them. It wasn’t a vicious thing, just a spur of the moment snowball / fireworks fight. It really makes no sense in real life. At the end when our rivals ran away. I turn to see my friends and the young girl was on one of the guy’s backs. We had a conversation, something about, “Sisters ruin everything!” To which the other guy agreed by nodding. I chimed in as if explaining to the other girl, “I’m a younger sister too.”

Then we went back to where we came from originally, which was at the back of a loading dock. We were apparently on break during a film gig and we were waiting for a big setup to be done. When we got back, setup was almost done but a lot of people were still hanging about outside.

Then I was in a loungey japanese restaurant. The seats were one long wooden seat that stretched right across the wall and wrapped around the corner. I was sitting in the L-shaped corner between my mom on the right and auntie B on my left. My friend VnH showed up too and they squeezed in between auntie B and me. We ate beef noodles in soup. I was pleasantly surprised to find 2 kinds of noodles in the brother: a thick yellow ramen nooden with a thin, transparent vermicelli. It looked so perfect, the combination of the sturdy noodle with the delicate. Auntie B tells us her old job tried to get her back after firing her a month ago. My mom was listening but her right hand was reaching behind the of the person to her right, she was pawing at my sister’s blue-green cable knit sweater. I swat her hand and she pays attention fully yo auntie B again. I ask auntie B, “What did you tell them?” And she said “Not unless you’ll hire me back with a big raise.”


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