A Drive Across Town

Dream 05.15.12
Bestie’s fiancé was visiting so I took him out for a drink. We went back home, in the house I grew up in and kept chatting. Then it was getting late and I’d told him I would drive him back to his hotel. On the way out, an old film colleague was on his way in. I guess he lived here too.

We exchanged a few words and he asked us where we were going. I told him I was driving bestie’s fiancé across town back to his hotel. The colleague quickly offered to drive him there because he was just heading that way himself. I did have something I had to prepare for after driving him back and the extra time would be a godsend so I took up the offer without much thought.

As bestie’s fiancé was coming out with his bags, I told him about the new arrangement. He got into my colleague’s car but looked a bit miffed. As they were about to drive off I reacted and jumped in the back of my colleague’s car also. I said, “Sorry I DID say I would take you back…so I’ll just come along for the ride.” My colleague looked back and shrugged his shoulders. He couldn’t care less.

Then bestie’s fiancé said in a sarcastic way, something like this, “So we get closer but somehow still farther apart…” Then he turns to my colleague, then back to me with “Sorry I don’t mean to bitch, just making an observation.”

I sat there in the back feeling guilty and unsure about myself.


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