Wolves, Caves and Bright White Fog

Dream 05.16.12

I just arrived at a newly renovated old victorian style home with several other people, my crew. A little girl of 7 or 8 greeted us at the entrance, just in front of the stairs. She was plainly dressed in pale colored clothing. She took us on a tour of the house and we followed her everywhere.

We were in a place that was definitely underground, probably the basement except it was cave-like and there was snow, rock formations and ice. It was dark and dank. We were on one side of a rock formation that had two “outer” sides that rejoined on the other end from us. It had very thin narrow edges with a big snowy gap in the middle. The girl nimbly walked across one edge to the other side. She turned and just looked back at us, waiting. The male leader of our crew started on one ledge. He was tall with big feet and shoes. I started through the snowy middle and from my vantage point beneath him, I saw him very carefully shuffle along because he feet were much bigger than the ledge under them. He toes were overhanging the edge and I could see the soles of the shoes. I want to note that I didn’t recognize the male leader but I kept thinking of him like the douchey hosts of those ghost hunter shows.

Then suddenly I felt something crunch beneath my feet as I waded through the snowy middle, chest deep. Ice! Luckily the snow acted as a float to keep me from falling straight through the cracked ice. The male leader, although he was having a hard time not falling himself, reached out with both of his long arms towards me, I grabbed them and with the leverage of his heels against the ledge and his back against the rocks behind him, I was yanked right out of the snow onto the ledge beside him. I could see the girl smile even though I never glanced at her. Once on the ledge, it was easy for me and my small feet. So I walked across holding the leader’s hand to keep him balanced.

Wheb the whole crew reached the other side the girl waited for us in front of another set of stairs. These looked like they led back upstairs where a dim light could be seen. All surrounding the stairs, it was dark. We all approached the girl and when I was about a foot away, I see glowing eyes and a furried canine face jump at me. I hurled the wolf to the ground. The male leader of our crew pushed a camcorder in my hand telling me to document it as he wrestled the animal on the floor. When I had the camera ready, monitor panel flipped out, all framed up, the attacking wolf was gone.

We were startled, checked each other with quick glances to make sure everyone was okay. Then I looked over to check the little girl. Behind her sitting on the third step of the stairs was another wolf. It had bright white fur on its chest and face with black and grey fur everywhere else. This one just sat their looking at us calmly but still gaging our every move.

Then we were back upstairs at the entrance. The girl started to explain to us about everything that happened, how it was part of an old children’s book. She quoted something from it, I can’t quite remember. It was something about a pale girl, darkness and anxiety. It wasn’t really like that but that’s the feeling her quote provoked anyway.

Afterwards, I exited the house and was in a wide school hallway with lockers on both sides. I felt like I was riding on a bicycle, gliding forwards. Then everything around me became bright white as if I was gliding through fog. I could see indistinct sentences and equations floating faintly in mid-air. As I glided past them they floated upwards and faded to nothing. I was seeking something as I moved forward, trying to come out of the fog. If I only I found my way out I would have what I needed.

I could not tell if I was getting closer or not but there was a hopeful feeling to just keep on through the white fog. Then the alarm woke me up. For a little while when I closed my eyes again I could still see the white fog vision but it gradually faded away and I woke up to reality.


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