The Unexpected Image of the Perfect Man

Dreams 05.19.12

Dream 1
I was looking for ways to be drunk/high.

Dream 2
There was a new year’s eve party. I grabbed bottles of champagne off a table. Staggered drunkenly over to co-workers and offered them to my boss and boss’ boss. They politely declined because they were sufficiently sauced themselves. I think I stumbled off somewhere to down the two bottles myself.

Dream 3
I was looking for something running down a busy downtown street, through a similar scenario at least 3 times. The first 2 times was during the day and the 3rd was at night. Each time I had to run through a building to a back alley area. The time at night I ran past the door I should’ve entered and got lost. Then I ran back and found the revolving door to go through.

There was a shack in the back area. Sometimes when I approached the shack’s entrance, I would be held at gun point or be in danger of being sniped by some redneck who hung out at a distance, beside a long abandoned 18 wheeler container truck.

Here’s what happened the 3 times I entered the shack.

1st time: A younger JR with more hair than he does now IRL greeted me. He was the perfect mixture of aggressive masculinity paired with a sensitive but caring nature. He held me by the waist with a look that said he wanted me, asked me how everything was, held me close. I opened myself up to him and we fucked like animals.

2nd time: I entered and had the feeling of “coming home”, JR was watching TV with a bunch of dude friends, my real life friend big E was amongst them, sitting next to JR on the sofa. JR said hello to me but didn’t want to seem too “whipped” in front of a bunch of dudes. I was cool with it. I walked up behind JR and big E, kneeled down close to the sofa, the backs of their heads at chest level and hugged them both deeply against my breasts. I kissed JR on the neck and whispered hello to big E. And I’m pretty sure there was some sex after that too, may or may not be a threesome with JR, me and another man. Or it may just have been implied.

3rd time: I came back and entered the house. I felt kind of like a disembodied spirit just watching. I went up to a door and opened to enter it, it lead into a bedroom where I found JR doggy-styling Jen A. He was naked and hairy, a bit of a gut sticking out and slightly balder and older than I remember in the previous parts of the dream. After they were done, he held her and said something jokingly but semi offensive. It was really tame and mild but she just looked too tired to take it or be amused.


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