Stripper Boots Across a Snowy Field

Dream 05.20.12

Flying over a snow covered field. It is dusk. There is a house on the field, behind it the field dips into a small valley. A lone person struggles to walk up the hill towards the “top”, towards the direction of the sun slowly rising. I am that person and I enter into my own POV.

I am making my way to the bus stop at the top of the hill to go to work. I think to myself, I wonder if it would be easier if I had stilts or tall platform stripper boots. In a flash, I am transported back to the house. I stand in fron of a mirror. The floor I stand on is a dark brownish red hardwood. In the mirror image, I see that I am about a foot and a half taller than normal, wearing dark green platform stripper boots. I am so tall that my head is actually cut off in the image and I cannot see my face. Then I think about walking up the snowy hill again.

Later, I am sitting with JM. I tell her about my experience on the hill and the stripper boots.
After that I cannot remember. There was a lot more to the dream but it’s all gone from my memory.


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