The Purse Quest

Dream 05.22.12

I am at a mall with my mother and maybe my sister. We enter a deparment store from the mall entrance and look to the left where there were racks and shelves of leather purses. My mom was looking for her orange purse inside the store. What doesn’t make sense is she wasn’t looking to buy a brand new purse. She was looking for HER purse, with her stuff in it. I think my sistser and I, including the store employees knew that sounded a bit crazy. The employees actually thought she was a little senile and when they saw us approach the purse section, turned off the lights there.

I just wanted to help my mom and was going to assist her search even though I knew it would be fruitless. So when I saw the lights go off, I got a little beligerent and started questioning the employees telling them we need to go look. They told me we are more than welcome to look at the shelves but there was nothing they could do about the lights. So we headed over to the section anyways.

Then I remember that a family friend, a big tall dude was supposed to get driven to the airport. He had been living in our front bedroom for a while and it was finally his time to go. I remember running up to him like a little girl and giving him a big bear hug. When I hugged him actually, it was Malcolm Ingram. I don’t know him at all IRL but when I hugged him, that’s who it was. I didn’t want Malcolm to leave. He has been such good company and comforting to have around, to have a friend. He was so much bigger than me that he was walking to the basement and I was still holding on to him. I remember seeing small toys sprawled out on the ground from the corner of my eyes and the basement had wood panelling. Someone else was in the basement, when they saw me holding Malcolm they just kind of laughed at me.

I also remember driving around in a parking garage from the basement level up to the ground level seeing sunlight coming through. The lanes were narrow and I was driving a wide car. A few times I had to make 2, sometimes 3 point turns but eventually I made it up and out of the garage.


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