Normal Procedures Bypassed

I snoozed again and forgot everything. Actually I can’t even remember my phone alarm going off. Usually it rings with the sound of gentle waves crashing then after about 30 second there’s a foghorn if I don’t get up. Then a message saying “RECALL” would face me if I actually looked at my phone. If I don’t look at my phone, usually my blind thumb scrolling causes me to snooze, only for a minute. This usually reminds me that I should recall my dreams. If I snoozed again, I recall again, solidifying the memory.

Today, I just remember opening my eyes to see the sun shining brightly outside, promising another beautiful day. The dog had turned on her back, putting the weight of her fat head on my thigh. I turned to lie on my right shoulder to be more comfortable and self-snoozed. After what seemed like only a few minutes, I realized I had no idea what time it was so I lifted my head to check the clock. It was already 7:14am.

Then I had to be quick: roll out, grab stuff off bedside table, throw together an outfit, make coffee, pack lunch and breakfast, let the dog out, feed her, brush my teeth, draw my face. I missed the bus I would’ve liked to take. I guess it’s no real wonder why I still do not remember my dreams after shoving in all those tasks.

I really wish I remembered. I feel like last night’s was good.

I haven’t actively tried to go lucid in several months although I was briefly thinking of it yesterday, of how to and of the one time I did but everything was so chaotic. I thought about why I stopped trying.

Gah falling sleep…


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