A Dinner to be Matched

Dream 05.24.12
The first bit of the dream is forgotten. Although I knew it in between snoozes during my initial recall. Here’s what I do remember.

Husband and I were just about to walk into a restaurant to meet up with some of my old film school friends. On the way in somehow the information came out that he knew one of them through his work. I was surprised but whatever. Didn’t really care.

During dinner, CE was there, PP too, and a few others. They’re not “friends” per se. I haven’t seen or talked to them in forever but I got along with and admired these people’s spirit in a lot of ways.

Anyway, there was a long lull in the conversation but nobody seemed to be making a move to leave. I looked around and everyone met eyes awkwardly. Suddenly we were outside leaving. Somehow the idea to set up CE with one of my friends came out of husband’s mouth. CE was the guy he somehow met through his work. I was embarrassed but fumbled in my mind for who he could possibly be thinking of. Then husband said it to me in secret and it was CG. Someone he hadn’t met or heard me talk about in real life. I am shocked and laughing at the absurdity in my head.

He is now telling CE loudly about how perfect this match would be. CE is going along with the joke to be polite. In my head I am going through past interactions between CE and CG and I vaguely remember that they actually didn’t like each other much at all and may have outright yelled at each other in public once. I joined the conversation and joked to CE, “Yea she WOULD be perfect for you. You’d be so surprised but in a good way.”

Part of me thought, if this blew up then husband will just deal with the embarrassment if he has any. Plus, after so many years, it’s possible that CE and CG would get along better to maybe more. Life works in funny ways sometimes. At the least, they’ll re acquaint themselves with an old colleague. That’s not so horrible.


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