Changerooms and New Rooms

Dreams 05.25.12

Husband drops me off to shop w bestie and former frienemy JK and I share a fitting room and bestie has her own. We each change into our pickings. I had 4 different items of varying styles and color, JK had one, a plain and rather conservative black skirt. I had a beige button down shirt, a ruffly black skirt and dress and possibly a romper.

We both tried on something then went out to the main area and saw bestie looking in front of a mirror. She was looking at a high wasited pencil skirt in a fine black and white leopard print. She looked very good in it.

JK seemed content with her item as well while I tried on every piece, liking how it looked but never fitting my “style”. In the end, I can’t be sure if I left the store wth anything. When we went outside, I remember it to be bright out, that husband was supposed to pick us up but I did not want him to.

Then I was at my mom’s house. In the dream it was not a brand new home but she had just done renovations which made it completely different, layout and decor. I was walking around giving myself a tour, admiring the “new’ house, recognizing what used to be what. In my head I was considering and wondering what it’d be like to move back into this house. I could, make myself at home, no?

Then through conversations wth my mom she told me there were other areas missed during my tour, whole rooms were missed apparently. I went into the basement again and looked down the hallway behind the bar, which I thought ended but there was actually a door which led to a large empty bedroom. And then in another part of the basement, if one continued on, there was a whole sitting area. I was impressed. My thoughts on moving back home became more enthused but I did not want husband to know.


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