WOWing from home

Dreams 05.29.12

I am working from home. It is the house a grew up in, roughly laidout the same way but my office was my old bedroom. I was either waiting for the computer to reboot or I just didn’t feel like working so I went down the big middle staircase to the 1st floor office where my husband was.

His desk was against the far side of the wall and he sat in the middle of his desk facing the wall. His monitor was gigantic, sitting on the desk, mostly to the right far side. It was so big and tall that it almost reached the ceiling and it was an off white color. I asked him what he was doing even though I could clearly see on the big month that he was playing WOW. Nonetheless he never turned around and just mumbled something that implied he was working or doing something important.

[Tag work from home, boredom, husband, gaming, no acknowledgment]


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