Baby on the Road

Dream 05.30.12
I am developing a bad habit of waking up late and snoozing too often this week. It results in lateness, panic and memories lost. Alas with the window open, sunlight and a clear blue sky visible through it, framed by the young leaves off the tops of our shrubs in the backyard makes for too calming a sight from my pillow to not keep me in bed.

So I completely forgot the first dream. I was doing something important and that’s all I know.

The feeling of needing to be somewhere important carried on into the after-snooze dream. I was dressed for work and it was early morning. I needed to be somewhere (not work) soon but I was running a bit behind. My mom was on her way over because she offered to give me a ride.

Inside her car, we were chatting about all manner of things, small talk to pass the time. She was driving noticeably slow and a tad mindlessly. I was getting annoyed but did not want to be polite. At one point I saw a bus pull over ahead at a stop while we were at a red light. I was hoping we could stop so I could just jump on the bus and be on my way. When the light turned green the bus was pulling out away from the bus stop so I knew we would never catch it.

Then I could see all the cars ahead merging into the right lane. We were the second or third car before the merge happens. I told my mom to try merging but she was slow and we ended up stopping before the cause of the merge. When she saw what happened we both got out of the car.

A police car with sirens flashing was on the right side. To the left of us we see a few people standing, some kneeling, hunched over. There is the accident. A child or baby had been hurt and abandoned, literally on the side of a road. My mom wanted to go towards the group but I hesitated. I knew there was nothing I could do for them. Meanwhile, our car was just sitting there in traffic in everyone’s way. Plus I still needed to get to my important place. I felt bad for wanting to leave because I wished to help and at least stop for some compassion.

My mom could see the impatience in my eyes but not the conflict that was going on in my head. She said, “Okay let’s go. I’ll take you to the church.” I flipped out a little. During our conversation I had mentioned that I should go to church to either pick up something or get baptised. I’m already baptised in real life and I really don’t go to church so none of this makes sense. I flipped out a little at her because I didn’t need to go to church NOW and my mom was totally not listening to what I needed to do for me right now.

I think I clarified our destination to her rudely and returned to the car.


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