A Wake for the Unborn and An Unsuccessful Tryst

Dreams 06.02.12

It’s been a few hours since I woke  and some of the dream has already faded.  For the past couple days, the weather changed from hot and humid to cool and windy and I must’ve caught a mild bug. My body has been lazy and weak. I laid in bed this morning for about 2 hours fighting in my head to get out of it.  Anyway here goes…

I am at a gathering at my highschool bf’s house. There were a group of friends all together, we were all old (as in current age). We all sat at 2 tables of 8 each. It was some special occasion for the gathering but I did not know what. Then one of our friends looks at me and indicates that it was time to present our gift to my ex. Four of us stood up, they approached this thing, a glass case that could be opened. Inside there were various pieces of memorabilia of… I can’t exactly say what the items were but in my dream, I recognized that the glass and some pieces were my old things. Some were from back in the day when we still dated, some were just my old junk. I felt bad that we had made this weird gift to be presented to him. Why were we doing this? Then it suddenly dawned on me. The purpose of the gathering was a wake for his baby.  (He does not yet have babies IRL.) I was horrified at what we were about to give him.

Then I remember riding on a school bus with a bunch of other people that I wasn’t too familiar with but we were all going on a long road trip to participate in an activity. My phone battery just died.  I looked against the wall of the bus and saw wires and cables. I followed them and found them plugged and charging something. One plug was a micro USB, which was exactly what I needed for my blackberry. I looked around and asked loudly if anyone minded that I used the charger. A girl replied that she wasn’t the owner but it probably wasn’t a problem. So I plugged in anyway though I was a bit anxious.

Then I was in a small room with tile floor with my highschool ex. We were making out in this large closet size of a room, rolling around on the floor, giggling. There were towels and clothes all over the places so I felt like it was a laundry room but there were no machines in there.  I lay there on the floor and he got up and started putting up silver ducting tape across the door opening so that if anyone should open the door he would hear the rip and metallic crinkle – weird logic… Anyways, I was thinking I hope he is careful and doesn’t cut up his hands smoothing that tape down. This is an experience I had in real life. After he made his taping preparations, he came back on top of me and continued with our session. Just before he was about to put himself in me, we both hesitated because something was wrong. Then there was a knock on the door, followed by loud questioning from his mother.

We went outside and sat facing each other on chairs in the kitchen, hunched over. No one was none the wiser to what we had just been up to. His mom served us some kind of desert soup with sweet almond milk and sesame seeds  in a cup and I asked if this was his wife’s recipe. He looked a little annoyed with me and said, “Don’t mention her name now.”  I shut up and drank the soup, wondering where his Japanese wife went. Strangely I felt very little guilt.



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