Haunted Barns & Summoning

Dreams 06.06.12

My recalls have been inconsistent lately. It was PMS week and I am definitely seeing a pattern with that and my ability to focus and remember. Today’s recalls are fuzzier than I’d like in some parts because it almost feels like I made it up. However, in comparison to all of last week, it’s much better.

Dream 1
I was sitting in the rear passenger seat while husband was at the wheel and another person was in the front passenger seat. I have no idea who it was. We were driving towards a big barn / warehouse with 2 sets of garage doors. As our car approached the right door slowly rolled up for us.

The moment we passed through I knew something was wrong, like I knew we were driving through a “haunted barn” for shits and giggles but this felt real. I think everyone else in the car felt the same way too so without any of us exchanging words, husband turned the car around to drive through the other set of garage door, which was now rolling open. We should only be about 3 feet away from it, yet the lines and shape of the door as it opened seemed hundreds of yards away. We were just looking at shifting rectangles against a bright grey sky that was somehow the doot. It was a weird obstacle illusion that we as a car chose to ignore. Husband just let the car slowly roll through where the door should be as we all had our eyes fixed on the illusion of the opening door that seemed so far away.

Then miraculously, we were through, back out in the open. The problem was now it was night time and when we had entered the barn, even as we were rolling out/through the door, we could see that it was day outside. Instinctively it felt wrong. I told husband to wait, “Let me sit up front with you.” For support I guess, because I could see that he was worried as well. Yet I didn’t want to get out of the car to switch seats with the person in front because I did not want to expose myself to the possible dangers outside.

So I wondered how I could squirm my way to the front seat as I’ve often done in my life but I had never done a switch before. Then I looked in the front, turns out no one was there. I was afraid. Did the passenger disappear inside the barn or had there never been a person there? I started to doubt myself. I mean I never saw the person’s face all this time.

Husband and I looked at each other wondering what to do next. Then the whole dream seemed to be put on pause. And I woke up in the night.

Dream 2
The details in this one are a little fuzzy. I was bar hopping in an old pubby area of town, searching for the party I was supposed to be attending. Husband may or may not have been tagging along. When I finally found the party it was in an old pub with 4 big rooms. Except for one room where most of the party-goers were gathered, drinking, all the other rooms had its chairs stacked up, moved to the side. In the middles of the rooms were just empty space or piles of people’s clothes, bags and miscellaneous stuff.

I plopped down my various bags in a corner and went to the restroom to freshen up. Something had happened in the restroom but I can’t remember it or whether it was significant. I just remember the restroom to be smaller and cleaner than I would imagine a pub restroom. It was slightly larger than an airplane lavatory but it had the same glowing lighting effect. The only difference was the color of the light. Instead of the dirty yellowish fluorescent in the airplane lavatory, this had a cool calming blue-ish, almost slightly green effect. The walls were perfectly white, reflecting the glow of the lights. The whole wall above the sink wall was covered by a mirror and the sink and counter was all one molded piece of white ceramic.

I also remember being in a point of view in the bathroom as if from a small camera with a wide angle lense, placed on the edge of the sink counter, looking towards the reflection in the mirror at myself.

After I came out of the bathroom the mood outside had changed. There was an air of urgency, of “it’s go time!” I instinctively knew what to do and started grabbing things out of my bags in the corner, to pass on to people in the other rooms. We were getting our things ready to move to another location to either summon or exorcise a demon/spirit/entity. I remember specifically asking someone who was just over my shoulder, if we needed “The Witches’ Bible” while I looked inside a black bag that contained a thick book and a few others. The response was something like, “We have the


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