Avoiding Family Fun Time

Dreams 06.07.12

I dreamt that I was sleeping in. Husband was also sleeping in beside me. Some relatives with young kids of 7-9 years old came by, walked right into our bedroom and tried to wake us up. Either we had promised to go to an amusement park with them or they just wanted to drag us along.

The amusement park didn’t seem like a bad idea but I didn’t want to go do “family fun” stuff with husband all day. So I dragged my feet and didn’t get up. Husband also didn’t seem to stir at all. Then the friends and kids went away. I got out of bed and went downstairs. The house was similar to where we live now but the layout was backwards, like a mirror image and slightly smaller. I think the kids and friends had raided our fridge. There were Cheerios pieces lying on the table and floor. They had left a sign for us on the kitchen counter written on blue construction paper, in red crayon. I can’t remember what it says now.

Then I was at the amusement park on my own, inside one of the rides. Perhaps it was not a ride, kind of a 3D theatrical/screen recreation/reboot of The Little Mermiad, paced with qucik scene changes. I watched the cartoon characters before my eyes as life sized “projections”, singing and dancing, playing out a drastically changed version of the original story. There were more ships and decks in this one. I remember during one scene change I felt like I was standing amongst the sails and lines as the action unfolded around me. At times the characters seemed to be cardboard cutouts, being flown out or in in the manner that theatrical sets are switched. They jumped through and basically went from one singing scene to another. It didn’t make much sense.

In the final scene that I can remember from the dream, Ariel was greeting the prince who had just come on deck. She was standing at the helm of the ship, connected to the main deck by a grand flight of steps. She ran, tripped and tumbled to his feet. Her elegant braid which was wrapped around her head like a crown had come loose, falling to the side. The prince helped his disheveled Ariel to her feet and they started to sing but everything went wrong like someone forgot what’s to come next. Then it ended abruptly.

I think df was also a presence somewhere in last night’s dream. I kept feeling as if he had just been around when I woke up.


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