Drinks, Dim Sum and Moving

Dreams 06.10.12

I drive to a dark parking lot of a bar and take an inflatble palm tree or something like it out of the car. I set it on the wooden back entrance steps and go in. I see a big group of coworkers mushed into a large booth and politely asked to join them. I pulled up a chair and sat at the end. I had a mild feeling of social anxiety, trying to be involved with the conversation. Then the waitress came and we all ordered drinks. When it was my turn I asked for a rum and coke. I think the drinks came pretty quickly and when the waitress came around to take orders again, I think I ordered a beer. Then I went back out and put inflatable back into the car. The feeling was like I brought something to a party that was nothing like I expected so I had to hide it before anyone suspected I brought this goofy thing.

Next part I remember, I just woke up at the house. Roommate and Irish are getting ready to go out. They tell us that they are going to dim sum and asked if husband and I wanted to go as well. We give them a vague answer like maybe we will join. Then the doorbell rings, it’s df. He has the code to get in but he rang the bell so people inside knew he had come. He had something to get from roommate’s room. He said hi to roommate, walked upstairs, right by me to roommate’s room without any acknowledgment of me and then basically runs out the door. I felt a bit hurt and ignored, indignant. Roommate and Irish went with him. Then I started to get ready quickly, spitefully so we could make it to dim sum.

Another part of dream…I find out that the condo my mom used to own and rent out is now under my dad’s ownership. I contemplate whether I could rent the place from my dad in order to move out from husband on my own. Then I am walking through the condo and realize it’s probably too big just for me. There were at least three rooms and I could barely afford it so it would be better to find a roommate. I remember thinking that the condo was very nice.


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