Another Dank Bar

Dreams 06.17.12

Husband and I go to a party in a dirty basement bar. It was pretty full. We were there to meet his buddy TE. We stopped at a table where some of husband’s friends were and I left him there to grab a beer from the bar. On the way back I ran into TE at another bar and he looked all disappointed in me. I think he meant that he should’ve bought our first beers.

Anyway, he brought us to another “better” room which really was just about the same, slightly different decor. By decor, I mean different recovered panels of found materials because that was basically the theme of the bar. Everything was from something or somewhere else.

Then I found myself in a room (still part of the bar) with a lot of dark curtains with a bunch of girls I didn’t know. I guess they were the girlfriends of all the other guys. It felt like standing around backstage of a theatre with all the dark curtains. One of them commented on the interesting decor of this place and I said, “Ya everything is shitty and donated.” Then I looked up a black curtain panel. As my eyes moved up the length I see sparkly silve painted dots and big blue cursive writing on it. It used to be a big sign that covered something. And in front if it, also hanging from the ceiling was a light blue vinyl roll up poster. I think it was advertising for a real estate firm.

After that TE lead us down a dark highschool hallway which sloped down. There was a small group of us all walking. I could only see the yellowish dirty fluroescent light through the doors at the end of the hallway and the dark silhouettes of the people around me. We all walked swiftly with purpose. There was something “fun” at the end of the hall. I was doubtful.

When we walked through the door, there was one rickety chair, a girl sat on it and 2 other guys stood by, hanging out. They were waiting to go into another room where fumes of some drug was going to be pumped out and they were going to get fucked up. The idea of that (going into a gas chamber) didn’t really seem to appeal to me. Everyone else was excited. One of the people in the group, a work buddy of husband’s (R) seemed very upset about the gas chamber. He seemed to be mumbling that he was too old for this shit and he pushed past a set of emergency exit doors in a huff.

I ran out after him and by the time I was out, he had walked around this big trench of rain water that was separating us and he was on the other side. I hesitated on whether to call out to him and did in the end. He turned around and came running back. He seemed happy that somebody missed him from the party enough.

When he was running back, I had this weird moment where I thought it would end up in an inappropriate movie embrace/kiss. It was weird because I didn’t feel anything like that for him. When he was closer, he was the same person but his appearance had changed completely. He looked younger, more hair, less bitter and happy. I was glad. We went back inside together.


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