Video Games and Soiled Sheets

I was talking to the girl at work, who had apparently spent 13 hrs in the 2 days playing a video game, delaying work on a project we were collaborating on, which was due in 3 days. I was annoyed but also sympathetic. I ended up joining her online to play this FPS.

I was lying in bed, In my room. I wake up in feeling all sticky and oily. I expect to look down and see my sheets slick and stained with orange liquid, thinking I am sick and there is something seriously wrong with me. Finally I roll off to clean up. I pulled off the sheets but they were clean. There was nothing. I am relieved because it meant I was ok.

Then there is some other long bit of action in the dream which in the end becomes a big waste of time and effort. I can’t remember what happened.


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