Thoughts of Escape

Dreams 06.24.12

The order of things is jumbled once again.

I was sitting on the top bunk of a bunk bed, folding laundry. There were 2 other bunks directly to the left and right, forming 3 sides of a rectangle. The 4th side had a door. It was a tiny room. All the bunks were filled with girls. We had just returned from some presentation by the leader. I think I was in a cult.

I remember that we were discussing the presentation and there were many parts that I was skeptical about yet everyone else seemed to be totally onboard so I was quietly folding thinking how to get myself out.

Then I was with my bff and another girl. It was a club outing and we were all dressed up. We must’ve exited a club because we were hanging around by a steel oil barrel/garbage can – the kind you see in bad neighbourhoods in movies, set on fire by bums. We were hanging out chatting with a couple other guys. One was a tall, lanky middle-eastern guy with a neatly trimmed mustache. He seemed to be eyeing me with interest. I wasn’t sure if I was interested or just wanted out of the cult.

Then we parted ways and I was in a public washroom with my bff and this other girl, who had gone into one of the stalls. Bff was freshening up at the sink and I just remember carrying a lot of small things, trying to juggle them on – wallet, keys, a drink, etc. Both hands were full and I had stuff held in my armpits too. As I was juggling I was still thinking about escaping from the cult.


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