Lalala Highschool Visions

Dreams 06.25.12

I was in a highschool or college. There was a musical rehearsal or a boy band rehearsal happening. And I was watching from the POV of a music video camera, shooting. I remember feeling sick from the sugary pop-y goodness.

Then I was packing things up. At the instructor’s desk, zann was on the phone with her husband. She was telling him about this amazing house in this rich neighbourhood she saw, comparing it to another awesome house elsewhere. It sounded like her husband was telling her to buy whichever one she liked. It’s like they were talking about everyday objects and she seemed to be gloating because she knew I could overhear her and made eye contact with me several times.

I was jealous that they were rich but I would never want to treat the buying of a house as an everyday occurence. It seemed too spoiled. I think I was most jealous that her husband valued her opinion and that she was given true freedom.

Then I was in a classroom and I think it was a study period. I was at the teacher’s desk at the front of the room even though I was not the teacher. An old elementary/highschool friend EL came up to me and asked if I was going to grab drinks. I was confused. She explained that we needed pop and drinks for the party after class, could I grab? I don’t think I really wanted to but as usual I couldn’t say no. So I ran out of the class and started to run down the hallway, presumeably in search of cases of pop. I ran from a sunlit corridoe into a darker hallway, past my boss’s boss.


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