Jam It. Drink It. Flush It. Trim It.

Getting lazy with my dream entries and remembering less. I know…Mostly it is because I am rushing out of the room in the morning to avoid waking up or talking to husband. Ah well…

Dreams 06.26.12

Someone was waiting for me to go out. I was packing my purse, trying to fit an iPad into a sleeve and turning it this way and that to make it fit in my purse without damage. Finally after a lot of fiddling, I got it in.

Then while at work, it was no where near quitting time but my boss KS was trying to rally the troops to go to the pub. I was one of the first to heed the call and I stood up, looking at everyone else, trying to get them to stop working. KS was taken aback by my enthusiasm.

At another point I was in a bathroom stall, looking down at the water. I know a lot of stuff or thoughts happened in there but honestly can’t remember them right now. I think it was something revelatory, at least in the context of the dream, it was.

Another snippet I remember is talking to some girl, she was looking in a mirror telling me about how if she didn’t treat the peach fuzz on her upper lip she would look like she had a full on mustache.


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