A Birthday Party Zombie Maze

Dreams 06.30.12

There were no memories of the night time dream. This one happened and It was from falling asleep at a failed WILD attempt.

I was inside a big gymnasium/hall. It was L-shaped. On one side of the L was a stage setup. On the other side of the L there were 5-6 long bench tables. It was covered with festive tablecloths, food, cutlery, drinks, etc. The place was setup for a birthday party of someone I knew and I helped to organize it.

In the middle big area between the stage and tables, something else was being setup but I didn’t really know what it was. Guests were starting to arrive and I saw many familar faces from highschool, elementary school. People I have never been close with but have known since I was 13. Thanks to Facebook I now have pretty concrete images of their adult forms.

Skip past some time and the party is in full swing. I was getting up from one of the tables, shuffling along to get to the end. I saw SW (“rich” daddy’s girl from elementary school), CM (a girl who hung with SW and used to always be purposely outspoken), VW (also part of their old clique but turned out way cooler as a person, smart and beautiful). I must’ve seen others but it is strange that I only remember them now. They were the 3 who were “popular” in our class during junior high. But it’s not like that status lingered on into highschool, they became like everyone else. Not unpopular but just normal.

Anyways, I wanted to make my way towards the stage area but the “thing” they were setting up before is now up. It’s a gigantic maze that took up the entire space. You either had to go through the maze to get to the stage and dancefloor or there was a tiny little gap between the maze and the inner corner of the L. I squeezed through the gap.

Then I stood there watching 4 people dance and sing on stage. 2 of them were VN and AY (I ran into at the bus stop a few years back). I wanted to go up to joij in on the fun but was afraid. Finally I said fuck it and climbed up. The people on stage barely ackowledged me except VN. I joined in on their song and dance clumsily, twirling and lip-syncing. A few times during the twirls I almost fell off stage right.

I started to feel embarrassed so I jumped off the stage. The song and dance continued on without me. I walked towards the entrance of the maze from this side of the room and entered. There were other people in the maze playing a game of zombies chasing/attacking humans. I passed by a few people pretending to be zombies, nobody I knew, so they ignored me because I didn’t seem like I wanted to participate.

Then I walked into MK, an old friend of my highschool ex. He wasn’t really playing either but we exchanged smiles in recognition. Then he pretended to be a zombie and attacked me. I laughed at first. Then his pretend zombie act continued and he pinned me to the ground. It was still all in good fun but as I was on the ground pretending to be ravaged by a zombie, playing along, I started to feel like I was being molested. Yet I continued to play along anyway.


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