Embarrassing My Mom

Dreams 07.01.12

This one is fuzzy again. I remember there was a lot of water and I was possibly drowning, swimming or at least overwhelmed by water. There was something akin to water breaking or a dam bursting. How things happened or in what context or if it is related to the next bit, I couldn’t say.

My mom and her bf were having a party. It was an informal gathering with plastic bups and thin white plastic table cloths. It was held inside a brightly sunlit room. It had an elementary school classroom, almost kindergarten room feel to it. It had open areas where groups of tables with food and drinks were set up.

I arrived at the party with several other people and I think I was supposed to bring something. I’m not sure why but I was purposely not brining it into the party to make my mom embarrassed. I think it was a shotgun (not that THAT is the reason why I didn’t bring it). I think I felt bad about sabotaging her party but I think her insistence on using something to elevate herself in some way, that didn’t belong to her physically or spiritually (coz guns aren’t “her”) really bothered me. I was trying to teach her a lesson.

I avoided her for most of the party. Just kept circulating so I didn’t stay in one place at a time. Then I went into another room to grab something to bring out front and she came in to ask me directly where the “thing” was. I lied to her face. She seemed to know I was lying but did not make a big deal about it because she couldn’t understand why I would lie. She also didn’t want to fight with me at her party so she just walked out with a semi angry, frustrated and disappointed look on her face. I felt really bad about it.


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