Sorta Deja Vu

Dreams 07.04.12

I was doing my regular morning routine, making coffees and toast, packing my lunch. However our kitchen was a much darker color. It had the same layout just greyer and not much light for the morning. I distinctyly remember going into a big tupper wear and grabbing a few handfuls of a m&m and pretzel mix to bring to work.

Then instead of going to work I went to a chinese restaurant to pickup my grandma. I was supposed to take her somewhere. When I got to the restaurant I approached the table where some family members were. My aunt (sumsum) was one sitting one seat to the right of my grandma and grandma was in the corner. I didn’t notice what other family members were there. I squeezed in behind my sumsum’s seat and grandma turned around to greet me except she wasn’t really what my grandma looked like. She was like a mix between my old aunt from my mom’s side (yee ma) and my real grandma from my dad’s side (ah ma). She was also dressed more like yee ma would be dressed. She saw me, smiled and was about to get up from her seat. I stopped her and said I had to go to the washroom. So I squeezed behind sumsum’s chair to make my way out to the hallway.

I walked along looking out for the door to the ladie’s room. Even though I didn’t walk very far, it seemed like forever before I glimpsed the sign on the door just outside of the corner of my left eye.

Then I woke up from the alarm.


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