Getting back on track

I haven’t been too active in my attempts to lucid dream for the past several months. I’ve merely been remembering and observing. There have been some attempts but usually when I was already too tired and the instruction to lucid dream was just an afterthought. Nonetheless it has not worked.

My daily reminders to do reality checks have also been ignored for the most part. I read my reminder and don’t actively do it.

I must make commit to concrete goals if I am to take control, to become truly self aware in the dream world and the “real” one. But…sleep and rest are so enticing. It’s like I don’t want my mind to rest but it is always willing to.

But I must. Because this is important to me. Why? Because I have puzzles in the real world that need to be worked out. My dreams will be my laboratory. The changeable condition will be me and how I choose to view/mould that world.

Tonight the goal will be simply: to be aware that I am dreaming.

Let’s start small.


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