The CB Experience

Got only about 4 hours sleep last night with one wakeup around 5am. So I manages to remember parts of the last dream. I am a big fan of JRE podcasts and the talks about tonight’s big UFC fight and some of his very entertaining guests like BK (one of my favourites) seeped into my brain.

Dreams 07.07.12

I was on a plane with JR and a few of his comedian buddies on our way to the city where the next UFC fight was being held. BK is one I distinctly remember. They were doing a podcast on the plane in first class while I videotaped their shananigans. One particular shot I remember doing was from below BK face while he held some random phallic shaped object and he was making faces down at the camera pretending to be giving it a blowjob. Not much else I can remember other than everyone was laughing having a good time and at some point the flight attendants had drawn back the blue curtains seperating first class and coach so I saw on a tilted angle the coach passengers peeking up at the commotion up front.

Then we were at the fight. I was shooting JR as he was on stage in front of the octagon. A spot light was on him and the octagon was lit, everything else, the crowd, etc. were pitch black. He was very young here, more hair and zero gut. He was doing more of a standup routine warming up the crowd. At one point I went from him, just after he finished a very dirty joke, fly pan to someone who was supposed to be his wife, dressed all prim and proper on stage. She did not look impressed, in fact, she had quite the disapproving look on her face.

That’s all I can remember.


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