Yoga Retreat and A Loving Embrace

Dreams 07.08.12

I made an arrangement to go to yoga with my friend this morning so at first that’s what it was about. We arrived at the gym just on time. The gym was much bigger, nicer and uh…more sci-fi. It was clinical looking with a touch more warmth, a touch more natural light and green plants.

When we reached the yoga room which was a raised glass enclosed room. The entire ceiling was a sun roof with greyish stone tile floor, it was full. In fact there were even students lying on mats outside the room, taking the class from outside the class, watching through the glass walls. We ended up not taking the class and doing something else.

I was sitting in a bright solarium room being held by someone, a bf (?), significant other. There was a set of brownish red french doors that opened out to a white deck/balcony, overlooking a lush green forest. From inside we looked out the window at the scenery as he held me tightly from behind and whispered wonderful things in my left ear. We were also joking around and I pretended to squirm away towards the doors and he caught me. From the reflection in the french doors, I caught a glimpse of his face. It was my younger godbrother who was also in another dream as my bf/husband.

I pushed open the french doors and we fell laughing on the balcony floor. In my vision all I saw was the white of the balcony’s painted wood planks, green leaves in my peripheral vision and a spec of blue sky out of the corner of my eye. I could hear the shuffling of leaves around us, the trees in the swaying with the breeze. We just lay there, bodies entwined as the warmth of the sun gently settled over our bodies. I tell you, there is nothing more perfect in this world than that moment – to be held by your lover and the simplest details in the world become enhanced to the N-th degree. It is so simple but this is love.


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